Into the sun set - A Stanathan one shot
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The Chronology of Us (A Stanathan multi-chapter fic) Ch. 15: Meet the Parents
Title: The Chronology of Us - Ch. 15: Meet the Parents 
Rating: T
Pairing: Stana/Nathan

Chapter 15: Meet the Parents Collapse )

Jon Huertas' Christmas - A Stanathan RPF

So this is my first ever RPF, even though I am a hopeless romantic, and am always vying for different actors and actresses to get together!

In no way do I mean to offend Stana, Nathan or anyone else. Like everyone here, I just admire and appreciate the chemistry that they share :-)

So this is basically what I would LOVE for Jon Huertas' next "Day in the Lyfe" vlog to contain - him and his hijinks! It's not all Stanathan, but it's that which I think makes for quite a plausible scenario, myself :D

"OK peeps, this your boy Jon Huertas here, lookin' to spread a little Christmas cheer on the set of Castle today. Got my mistletoe" He holds up a sprig of the plant to the camera. "Hopefully we might get a few lips locking today..." He leans into the camera to whisper. "But for those of you who are hoping for a smooch between a certain Irish guy and myself - you can just forget it."

From offscreen, Seamus Deaver wines. "Ohhh, Jon... we're going to get it done later, like privately though right?"

Jon Huertas purses his lips, his eyes shift uncomfortably. "That's awkward."


The camera cuts and is being held up to the face of a pretty young woman.

"This is Dana, she makes my hair look this good every day." Jon says into the camera.

"Yeah, your hair is definitely my biggest challenge Jon" the young hair stylist says with a roll of her eyes.

"It is right?" He nods seriously. Dana laughs.

"Hey Dana..." Seamus takes it upon himself to sneak in behind her, holding the mistletoe above her head and coming in beneath it.

"Yeah?...Oh no!" She looks embarrassed and covers her head.

"Dude, come on, this was my idea, you ain't going to steal my thunder bro, what are you thinking man?" Jon shoves Seamus out of shot.

"Hey Dana, Dana, who would you rather kiss under the mistletoe? Me?" Seamus grins into the camera.

"Or this guy?" He gives a thumbs down to the camera, indicating Jon.

"Umm, I don't know, probably... probably Jon", Dana grimaces.

Jon purposefully gets a close-up of Seamus's disappointed face.

"Dude, hold the camera", Jon tells him. There is an unfocused shot as he shoves the cam-corder into Seamus's hands.

"Feliz Navidad baby", Jon smirks, kissing the pretty young woman chastely on the lips.

She squeals and runs away. "Bye Dana... hope Santa brings you something nice, girl." Jon sighs with a smile and turns to Seamus, his new camera man. "That's what I'm talking about."

We see a hand come out from behind the camera and slap him on the back of the head.


We then cut to Terri Edda and Andrew W. "You want us to do what?" Andrew grins into the camera. "Oh look dear... mistletoe."

"Uh oh... shouldn't we leave the romance for the show?" Terri smiles.

"Wait, what romance? Nobody's together on the show at the moment", the producer reminds her.  

"I think we should leave something to the imagination, though, don't you? We'll leave the kissing to Esposito and Lanie, right Jon?" Terri asked him, with a wink.

"Hey, that's fine with me, it wasn't me who decided they should break up", Jon told them. Come on, everybody wants to see a kiss between the happy couple... you two have your own little fan club, you know?"

Andrew cracks up. "We do."    

"OK, OK, come here honey", Terri pulls Andrew underneath the mistletoe with her and smacks a kiss on the lips.

They pull away and Andrew turns to the camera. "Merry Christmas", he laughs.


Jon whispers into the camera. "OK, so this is the one everybody has been waiting for. This is what everybody really wants to see - well, only because Tamala's not on set today, so we can't get any Esplaine action goin' on... So anyway, there are our targets..."

He spins the camera around to where Stana and Nathan are filming an intense looking scene in front of the bullpen set's white board.

He turns in back on himself "We're going in for the kill, ready?"

Very quickly he is approaching Stana and Nathan mid-conversation, interrupting their banter.

They stop acting. "Dude, what are you doing?" Nathan looks at him with amused confusion.

"Day in the lyfe", he replies simply.  

"Right now? You're totally ruining my flow", Nathan scorns them with a serious expression.  

"It's come to my attention that you two have this thing known as... chemistry." He hisses out the last word.

"Mhm", Nathan nods, without flinching.  

Stana shakes her head, her hand covering her red face, and widening grin.

"The fans know it, I think we all know it as a matter of fact... which is why..."

He brings the mistletoe out from behind his back. As soon as Stana sees it, she lets out a bark of laughter.

"Oh... Jon, wow Christmas really brings out all the secrets, doesn't it?" Nathan leans forward, invading Jon's personal space...

Jon slaps him. "Dude!" He slaps him. "Furreal, you and Stana, right here, right now... you know the fans want to see it."

"Of course the fans wanna see it", Stana laughs. "He's already said before though, he doesn't want to kiss me."  

Nathan spins around to her. "Actually I never said that, if anybody said that, it was you. I said I didn't want our characters on the show kissing. Not yet anyway"

Stana shakes her head at him. "So you do want to kiss me?" She bites her lip.

Jon turns the camera on himself nodding fervently.

"Have you seen yourself, like ever?" Nathan gives her a dumb look.

Stana sticks her tongue out between her teeth and turns to the camera grinning. She winks.

"So you think we should?" She throws him a searing look.

Nathan waggles his eyebrows at her, and walks toward her slowly.

They lean in, closer and closer, their noses touch... "Wait", Stana puts her hands on his chest and pushes him back just before their lips meet. "I have gum", she says, putting her fingers into her pocket and pulling out the chewable breath freshener.

"Oh...thank you." Nathan takes a piece from her.  

"Welcome", she smiles up at him.

They chew for a couple of seconds before Stana nods. Nathan returns the gesture. "Yeah?"

"Mhm", she licks her lips, leaning into him, eyes closed... "You got the all clear from Andrew for us to do this?" Nathan asks Jon abruptly, interrupting their moment.

Jon growls in anger. "Yeah, yeah, of course."

Stana opens her eyes. "You really sure Jon, because Christmas is not a good time to lose your job."

"Pfft, yeah right, Stana, who could replace you?"

"Yeah he's right... me, meanwhile... I'm sure there are dozens of confident, hilarious, virile young men out there that could play Rick Castle just as well as me."

"Probably true", he earns from Jon. Nathan shoots him a look.  

Stana snorts, giggling. "Virile huh?"

He winks at her. "You just wait and see...I tell you what, reserve judgement until after I kiss you."

"Oh", Stana blushes and leans into him again....

"Hold on", she says, stopping him again with her hands on his chest.

Jon practically cries with frustration. "Guys! Are you serious right now?!"

Nathan's eyes crinkle with a smile - he knows the game she is playing - he's playing it too.

She turns her attention to Jon, but keeps her hands resting on Nathan's chest. "If the audience see us kiss, then by the time the characters get around to it, they might not care so much."

"Oh, they'll care... trust me, they will", Jon assures her, his voice dripping with frustration.

"Hmm, you thinking it might ruin the integrity of the relationship?" Nathan asks her, his eyes narrowed.

"Mm", she affirms thoughtfully.

"Wait, our relationship or Castle and Beckett's relationship?"

"Umm," she purses her lips. "Wait...Our relationship?" She questions him.  

Nathan puts his hand to his mouth. "Ooh."

"Ooh", Jon echos Nathan's comment. "This just got heavy."

"You know what, one little kiss isn't going to do anything to change what we have, right?" Stana waves her hand in the air.

"Right", Nathan laughs.

"Castle, Beckett, are you going to kiss or not?!" Jon screams at them.

Stana can't hide her smirk, she knows if she can get Jon this riled up, in a few hours time, the fans will be going ballistic.

She turns to Nathan and sees a hot charge of fire flash in them. They lean into each other, so slowly that a snail just crossed the state of California. She moans softly, involuntarily, before her mouth even reaches his, just anticipating his kiss.

As their noses bump, she smiles, they wait two more seconds, driving Jon, and every one else over the edge of insanity, before finally their lips finally meet.

It's a slightly awkward moment for both of them, because they had planned on it being a bit of a charade, a big tease for the audience, one light peck on the lips, and that would be it, so they just sort of laugh into each other's mouths.

But then they open their eyes, lips still locked, and each find more than a little longing in them. Stana's hands move upwards from his chest, to wrap her arms around his neck.   

He opens his mouth slightly, so she can slip her tongue in.

For just a moment longer, they kiss, tongues performing a slow waltz together, discretely enough that later on the fans would argue about how much tongue action there was.   

They pull away and you can see in their eyes, they are both wondering whether this is acting or not now. Both as unsure as each other, of one another's intentions.
"Wow", Jon breathes a low whistle.

Nathan snaps back to acting mode quickly and nods his head with a grin. "Yeah, that's about all I can say on the subject, too.. well that and um... see you later."

Stana looks at him with a surprised smile as he takes her by the shoulders and leads her off the set...

"Uh guys... the scene?" The director calls after them.

But they don't reply, nor do they return... for several hours, at which time, they apologize to the crew who are all deeply amused.

They shoot the scene they were filming before they were requested (demanded) to kiss underneath the mistletoe.

When they are done, Jon and Seamus approach them, but neither interrogate them on their disappearance, Jon does however ask them to make a small message to all the fans through his vlog.

Stana smiles into the camera "Merry Christmas to you all -" Nathan pops his head into her frame and wraps his arms around her waist, causing her to grin instantly. "Love from the cast and crew of Castle."

The last thing Jon's cam-corder captures is Nathan pulling Stana out of shot,; the two of them running off the set, hand in hand.



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